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Need to pay others?

Content owners who pay producers and publishers can...

  • Calculate and pay participations

  • Calculate and pay royalties

  • Produce statements at the level of detail you require


Content owners who pay talent can...

  • Capture the complexity of rates and fees on guild and union agreements

  • Associate cast and crew with content by their role

  • Calculate and pay residuals

Need to process income?

Content owners who license their content to others can...

  • Ingest and Process revenue data

  • Calculate pay aways based on simple or complex contract rules

  • Invoice and track payables through a fully functional subledger

Need to calculate costs?

Content owners who license their content to others can...

  • Track ultimate revenues and costs

  • Automate amortisation of investment

  • Calculate your cost-of-sale automatically

Need domain expertise?

Media businesses who want to implement changes to their processes can engage our consultants to...

  • Analyse and document business requirements and provide insight into industry standard solutions

  • Assist in the running of RFI/RFPs, vendor demonstrations, data migrations and software implementations

  • Advise upon and design future processes, reporting requirements and software integrations 

...and many other services drawing upon our decades of media rights and finance experience.

Contact us below to find out more or arrange a demonstration
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