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What we do

Calculation Engine

The Hooper Media Calculation Engine is designed to transform the way income flows through every step in the chain of exploitation for content in the media and entertainment industry.

Our engine tracks the monies owed to content owners and contributors, automates complex internal media accounting processes and calculates payments due to all interested parties.

Consultancy Services

Our team has decades of experience across a variety of roles in rights, royalties and media finance.


This puts us in a position to provide expert advice to guide and validate business decisions around process changes and software implementations.

Over the years, the members of our team have helped lead the functional and technical requirements gathering, procurement, implementation and data migration for rights and finance solutions across the media industry.

Our approach

Modular system design

Our modular approach allows clients to select any combination of solutions designed to meet the financial processing requirements at every step of the chain for every type of content.

Our solution can act as middleware between other embedded solutions, such as an ERP and/or a Rights solution, which between them does not cover complex media finance requirements.

Self-service or outsource​ operating model

Our clients can choose to license our solution and use their own resources or outsource the problem by opting for our serviced processing model where we provide the expertise.

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